Pics From My Musical Career
Pics From My Music Career
(And other fun stuff...)

Ok, here is where I get to toot my own horn! Hehe! Ahem...anyhow, for the record...I have been a musician all my life. I love music more than anything, but unfortunately it doesn't pay the bills so I had to give it up. Here you will find a few pics from the highlights of my career, moments I will never forget. {sigh} I play almost every instrument as well as sing. I can engineer a 48 track studio and not break a sweat. I do producing as well when I have the time. Hope you all like the pics :)

Me at my very first gig ever...I remember bein so nervous that all I could do was
sit in a chair and stare at the wall, hehe.

At the Park West...We drew 3000 people.

Me at this really cool lake by my house...
it even has a waterfall!

Doing my Nancy Wilson move with my Heart Tribute band called Brigade.

On the drums....

At The Vic Theater. (The pic is B&W, but I wanted y'all
to know the outfit was purple and black ;)

If that isn't a Callisto face, I don't know what is! On left is my guitar player
Hollis, in the middle is my roadie Jim.

What I'm most famous for...the dolphin tattoo around my navel ;)

Cool Stuff

I had Danielle autograph this card from the Xena Series Card Set...

I managed to snag one of these cards from Alexandra herself, and got her to sign it.