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FanFiction Character Images

Warrior Princess, Protector of Bards

'Ol tall, dark and deadly-gorgeous here used to be a ruthless warlord. Since meeting the wannabe-bard Gabrielle (such a lovely lass...) she has changed her wicked ways, died twice, lost her mind once, and fallen hopelessly in love with our young Amazon Queen. Xena and Gab now reside in Arboria, with Gabrielle ruling and Xena acting as her confidante, assisting in strategies and the defense of their home.

Amazon Queen, Bard Extraordinaire, Kick-Ass Sidekick

Gabrielle was once a simple peasant girl who fell in love with Xena the moment she laid eyes on her. (imagine that...but who wouldn't?) Following her, she managed to ingratiate herself into the grumpy warrior's life, gradually helping her to see the good in herself. Eventually our beloved bard managed to get Xena to admit her true feelings and since then they have lived happily ever after.

Captain of the Queen's Guard, Goddess-At-Large

Callisto, like Xena, used to think she was such a bad-ass until a little golden-haired bard got her meathooks in her. Finally seeing the error of her ways (maybe realizing she would never be good enuff to flat out beat Xena in a fight anyways) She turned over a new leaf and agreed to live in and help protect Gabrielle's home village of Arboria. Little did she know she would fall head over heels for a blonde, curly-headed Regent and unknowingly knock her up! (No, they don't give out handbooks when you become a goddess) She is now preparing for her life as partner, mother and Amazonian Secret Weapon.

Amazon Regent, General Voice of Reason

Ephiny's wisdom and decision-making abilities are held in high regard across her nation. (Altho some may dispute that due to her whirlwind romance with Callisto) Serving as Queen Gabrielle's second in command, our beloved Regent carries herself with a quiet sense of strength, serving as an example to her sometimes clueless lover. Eph and Cal will be joined on the summer solstice, amid much joy and merriment I'm sure. (Amazons will party every chance they get if you let them..)

Captain of the Regular Guard, Wanton Teaser of Insecure Weaponmasters

Solari looks gooooood and she knows it. She always had liked Pony, but her feminine wiles never seemed to get a rise out of the stoic weaponmaster. (Little did she know that Eponin secretly carried a torch for her, but just never thought she was pretty enough to catch Solari's eye.) They went on like this for years until Aphrodite stepped in and slapped them both upside the head, with Solari finally realizing she wanted nothing more in life but to be Pony's personal love slave.

Stoic Weaponmaster, Insecure Courter of Hot Captains

Pony has had it bad for Solari for years, only recently realizing that the captain's sexy struts across the courtyard were really meant for her eyes after all. Talk about clueless! She never thought she was good enough for Sol, so was content to admire from afar, until (like I said last paragraph..) Dite showed up and lit the fire under her leathers, so to speak. Now she spends her time trying to keep the captain's butt out of trouble (Solari is a professional practical joker) and being her willing pupil during those loooong, sleepless nights.

Goddess of Love, Right-On Surfer Chick

'Dite spends her time meddling in the love lives of her sisters and mortals alike, with nary a care for just "how" the love-vibes come about. Circumstances of love just ain't her bag, so long as the love is there dude! Dite is always complaining she gets the bum rap, while her lil boy Cupie gets all the praise....this doesn't sit well with her, so she is always trying to one-up him...usually with chaotic results! Extremely competetive (and not too bad with a bow either...) Aphrodite will jump at the chance to show off her best stuff, and likes to boast about her more successful endeavors. (Xena and Gabrielle, Cal and Ephiny, Solari and Eponin, and Artie and Cyrene are just a few of her triumphs.

Amphipolitan Innkeeper, Quick Thinking Goddess Catcher

Cyrene is no ordinary innkeeper...being the mother of the former 'Destroyer of Nations' will do that to you. She and Artemis had a fling, and Xena happened. Then she decided she was quite fond of Artie, and set about wooing her. This culminated in her hauling down Dite to help her out. After Artie recovered from being nailed in the butt by one of Dite's love arrows (which was unnecessary, but I can't explain that in a paragraph), Cyrene took her home to Amphipolis and convinced the goddess to stay on. (Told you she was surprising!)

Goddess of the Hunt, Clown Extraordinaire

Artemis is a fairly responsible, if spontaneous type. As ready to zap Ares for bothering her worshippers as throw on her clown outfit to cheer up some kids, she produces somewhat less chaos in the world than her older sister Dite. Any sports or weapon related contest is a chance to show off which she never misses. She is involved with learning, especially healing stuff, so she visits mortals often, patching up their wounds and illnesses. But she ran into Cyrene during a Full Moon Festival... which means a huge party. (Well, the Amazons have to get it from somewhere!)

Goddess of the Arts and Crafts, Way Too Studious Librarian Babe

Athena is much more down to Gaia than her sisters... they figure she's practically buried. Her sisters (Artemis and Dite, in case I've confused anyone) like a bit of extravagance, a bit of surprise, and some partying. She leans toward more basic, quieter, less rambunctious activities. Athena is the eldest of the three, so when all else fails, she will pull her sisters out of any trouble they get into. However, like her younger sisters, she is wildly competitive... so run for cover when Dite or Artie start bragging about their skills.

Xena Wannabe, Born-Again Thespian

She walks like Xena, she talks like Xena, she tries her best to be rough and tough like Xena, but in actuality comes nowhere close to being like Xena at all! But we have to give Minya credit here...she managed to get her very own "Xena Collectible Whip", and even some fashion tips from the Warrior Princess, so she does have a few skills. (hehe) She recently dumped her boyfriend Hower, having discovered her true calling as a "thespian", and is now considering a move to Arboria to pursue this new talent.